Sunday, 16 May 2010

Well on my week off this week i've managed to pick up another Immolator, plus put an order to Forgeworld for Sisters of Battle Rhino doors and icons for the Land Raider and Rhino's im due to pick up at the beginning of next week.

Although I was away for the majority of the week, i've managed to undercoat all of the army using a new spray, im usually partial to GW's paint but of late i've moved to Army Painter's sprays as these just seemed better suited to my models.

Coverage of this stuff is great! I think i might well be sold.........

Photos due imminently.....

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Just a sharp pointy blog...

Game set for tonight cancelled due to outside interference *Otherwise known as me forgetting to go to the club and driving home instead*

Having a long day at work and then trying to remember such things is clearly beyond my ability.

But it gives me an opportunity that I didnt have before to throw another coat of paint on the Celestians!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

What comes after the beginning? A beginning pt 2...?


Plan is still ongoing. Having been hit with the bombshell that my beloved Sisters army will not be allowed into the tournament until fully painted, I've had to resort to my SM list of evilness to continue its rampage across my local clubs tournament.

A rough list (as its somewhere deep within the folders at the club, so that it cannot be changed) is as follows:

Captain w/ Relic Blade/Storm Shield

Terminators w/ Thunder Hammers/Storm Shield
Land Raider Redeemer w/ Multi Melta

3 x Tactical squads with heavy bolters and a multi melta

2 Rhinos


1500pts of not very niceness.

As an ex tournament scene player when I was told of the club i attend's upcoming tournament I went for the above tried and tested routine. However this become a serious issue when they all brought.."fluffy" lists. By which I mean Grey Knights*, Chaos Demons, Abaddon's followers, Tau with Ethereals (A huge no no in tournaments!) and Generally not very "tournament" lists.

*I have to admit here that the Grey Knights are actually quite fun to play against- mainly because Kris, the owner, always takes Terminators who can never quite survive a turn against me. Mainly of their own doing!

So this was the resolution! Bring forth the Sisters, which are much less of an "evil" list and attempt the same record I now have with the Relictors.

Seeing as, for now at least, that is out of the question, im at a loss as to what to do. I can play a few friendly games, of course, but the ambition was to test the list out properly against like minded players and tweek it as I run.


So, whilst i bemoan my own lack of time for painting these models, I also have some time to ponder. What colour scheme to go for?

I decided on purple. No idea why, the colour isn't normally one i tend to associate with (I'm more of a Green and White fan...) but it seems more Royal and somewhat elegant, so that's the choice im sticking with really.

I now just need to find the urge to really get stuck in and get these lot painted, before I decide that enoughs enough and start painting yet more Relictors...

I'm also twisting a friends arm to get some photos of my Relictors up, along with the starter colour that i've painted my Celestians in so that for once people will believe I do actually have something other then Relictors!!!

Anyway...must go do something. involving a paintbrush. and paint. and these sisters.......

Monday, 3 May 2010

So, as always..To Begin

So where to start?

Most days off I get, I end up looking at the whiteboard in my kitchen (It was originally intended to put what shopping things we need for the house, it was quickly re-purposed!) And looking at the long list of things to complete.

To give you all a rundown.

Top of the list (and has always been)

Complete the Relictor Chapter.

This is a long running, 10 year old quest/test/target/quota/whatever you call it of mine. Almost like an ongoing saga, the Relictors have forever been changing from a DIY chapter to Black Templars before finally settling on the one colour scheme. And boy, do I have a lot still to do!

So whereabouts am I?

Well, I have the models. I have the tanks, and I almost certainly have the space. 1000 marines, 20 Land Raiders, 50 Rhinos, Razorbacks, Predators and what not. Of which so far 700 Marines built, 15 Land Raiders, and most of the Rhinos and Razorbacks.

But as for the rest? Well, here is the conundrum.

Second on the list.

Complete everything else.

So I thought it best, with a little push from those who know me well, to get the second on the list done, and then work on the grand finale.

So sitting on my desk right now is the 1500pt Witchhunter army that I was always wanting to collect, but never got round to. Consisting entirely of Sisters of Battle with a single Inquisitor, It was really a pet project that almost never got off the ground.


The list, to summarize:

INQ lord: **

Force Weapon
Power Armour
Bolt Pistol
Divine Pronouncement


Warrior x 2 (Plasmaguns)
Chirugeon x 2

Canoness **

Blessed Weapon
Cloak of st Aspira
Master Crafted (BW)

Celestian Squad **


Storm Bolter
VSS has Power Weapon

Sisters Squad **

2 x Storm Bolters

sister Squad **

2x Flamers

Sisters Squad **

1 Flamer
1 Storm Bolter

Seraphim Squad **

Power Weapon
2 Hand flamers

Dominion Squad **

Immolater 65 **

4 Meltaguns


Retributor Squad**

3 Heavy Bolters
1 Multi Melta
7 sisters



And so this is where my tale begins. Then its onto the Cygnar 200pt army I've bought, then to complete the Orks, Guard, Chaos.......