Sunday, 13 February 2011

The joy of Technology...

Seeing as, for reasons entirely unbeknownst to myself, that this blog refuses to show the full picture...

Photos thus far of my wonderful sisters, plus a sneaky peek at two other projects.

With more to follow, from a full 100 pt Mercenary Warmachine list, 100 pts of Circle orboros, at least 250 more points of cygnar, around another 1000pts of Sisters of Battle still to paint, oh and Flames of entire Villers Bocage scenario (16 Cromwell tanks, 5 Tigers, numerous men etc..) and a full 28mm sized Villers Bocage scenario as well...I've got plenty on my plate!!!

More to follow...

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


I think its best to say I am suffering from this.

With a lot of work and projects it was inevitable! Im taking a break from everything but these Angels of Redemption for Wayland Games' new store (which, btw, is now open) and to prove a point that I can actually paint...something.

It's just quite terribly tempting to simply not paint anything, and continue watching pointless films.

But I will soldier on! I just need to know something...if you have any opinions on the colour of bolters, let me know. Should these Angels of Redemption have.....Red...Bolters?

I WILL get pictures up! This is a must!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Not another excuse!

Thats my missus' favourite saying at the moment.

I've taken some time out from the hobby to do other things (read: Spend even longer on the PS3 completing games id promised myself to complete, for one)

In the interim, I managed to get a game in against my now arch nemesis, Kris.

Kris...normally a Grey Knight player, decided to use Dark Angels.

My very first, maiden outing with the Sisters, was a Capture Objectives game- Annoyingly, I didnt get a chance to take photos...


To cut the story short, I lost. Sisters are just more fragile then I had imagined. Im used to Space Marines (Massed mech Marines) or Guard (Massed...Mech Guard..) or at a push I have been known to use all infantry.

This is what I took (from memory)

Inq Lord
2 Plasma Gunners
2 Surgeons

in/ Land Raider


Cannoness, with all the toys and tricks- I scoured Heresy Online ( for lists and ideas, but as usual myself being typical, I ignored the general advice to go with themes.

By which i Mean...

Vindicare Assassin

Dominion squad w/ 4 Melta's, in an Immolator (6 sisters)

Retribution squad- 2 Heavy Bolters, 2 Multi Meltas (8 lasses!)


3 Squads of Sisters, with a mixture of 2 x Storm Bolters, 2 x Flamers and 1 with one of each

Rhinos to carry 2 of the units

Seraphim squad with 2 hand flamers, and Superior.


Oh, and the Cannoness had a full unit of Celestians to wander around with.


So, my thoughts to continue apace is this.

The Land Raider rocks. Its just gorgeous. My camera refuses to take a decent photo of it, so i'm still quietly whispering into the ear of my boss to steal Wayland's mega camera to get photos.

Seraphim....faaar too weak. Ridiculously weak. I double flamed AND pistolled a unit of Devestators, killed 4 (of 10), then CHARGED, and even with the vow to increase initiative...I lost combat. And fled off the board.

Vindicare managed to kill a terminator, and stun a dreadnought. That was it. waste of points.

The Exorcist is evil.. d 6 str 10 ap1 shots?! Yes please... Im dropping the Seraphim, and the vindicare, and buying 2 more.

Besides that, My mistake was getting caught in combat. All 3 units of sisters were eventually wiped out by his Assault Marines, and when they were gone, only my noble Land Raider stood between my objective and the enemy.

And the Inquisition...baah... he managed to force three leadership tests with his psychic power, but against SM...its rather pointless.


So, back in the box they went, whilst i try and source new parts to complete 2 extra Exorcists.


I think I also need to make a firm decision on an army to COMPLETE, and get on it. On my table is the following:

Cygnar Centurion (needs painting)
Land Raider WH (needs final painting)
Night Lords converted squad (Needs undercoating)- ((Project X...))
Ork Megaforce (still on sprues)
Terminator Assault Squad (relictors army still needs to actually get done)


I wish there was a vote option on here, because im torn as to what to actually stick with short/long term to get completed!

Anyway, will stop waffling.

New update due VERY soon.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Well on my week off this week i've managed to pick up another Immolator, plus put an order to Forgeworld for Sisters of Battle Rhino doors and icons for the Land Raider and Rhino's im due to pick up at the beginning of next week.

Although I was away for the majority of the week, i've managed to undercoat all of the army using a new spray, im usually partial to GW's paint but of late i've moved to Army Painter's sprays as these just seemed better suited to my models.

Coverage of this stuff is great! I think i might well be sold.........

Photos due imminently.....

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Just a sharp pointy blog...

Game set for tonight cancelled due to outside interference *Otherwise known as me forgetting to go to the club and driving home instead*

Having a long day at work and then trying to remember such things is clearly beyond my ability.

But it gives me an opportunity that I didnt have before to throw another coat of paint on the Celestians!